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My favorite vegan places in Copenhagen

I live close to Copenhagen so i eat a lot in these places. Copenhagen is a food paradise for vegans, these places are all vegan, but there are a lot of places that a vegan menu. Vegan food is the future , so resturant are changing for the future


1. Souls

I love souls. It is a totally vegan place where the moto” eat like you give a fork” My favorite is the acai bowl and warm potato salad, but the brunch is also very good

Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1364 København

2. The Organic Boho

The Organic Boho is a small but cozy place. The food is so colorful and so yummy

They are placed a little outside the center of Copenhagen, but there is a metro 180 meters away

My favorites are the smoothies bowls, superfoods latte and of curse the BRUNCH. The brunch is so f**king good, is about 159 kr for a big brunch. So, if you ever come Copenhagen, you HAVE to come to this place

Prinsessegade 23, 1422 København

3. Matcha Baren

Matcha Baren is a perfect place, if you gluten intolerant, because the whole place vegan, raw and gluten free

They have smoothie bowls in every color of the rainbow, iced superfood latte, sandwich and so delicious salads

It is located in a shopping mall called Magasin. So, if you are shopping, and you need a quick healthy break, go to Matcha Baren

Kongens Nytorv 13, 2.Floor, 1095 København K

4. Banana ice cream

If you vegan, and graving soft ice, then banana is a great option

The “soft ice” are made from leftover banana. They different flavors, that changes all the time

On the top you can get granola, blueberries, mango and so on….. they are located in Torvehallerne

Frederiksborggade 21, 1362 København

5. Nicecream

This is a all vegan ice cream place mad out of coconut milk

It Is good ice cream

They have several ice creams shops

Enghave Pl. 10, 1670 København

6. Sunday Munday

They are most famous for their bubble waffle, but they also have smoothies, smoothies bowl, m*lk shake and ice cream

Bubble waffles actually come from japan, and the café is inspired by Japanese culture

A bubble waffle costs 69 kr for a waffle, two scoops and ice cream and a lot of topping

Frederiksborggade 50, 1360 København

So year, if you ever visit one of these place, or have a suggest to other places in Copenhagen, write it down in comment sections

Love from me😊

Á bientôt

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